First EN wip
Hello, and welcome
Hallo en welkom.
My name is Niek. And I am a Junior developer

With this portfolio-website I would like to show you
what I’ve learned in the field of webdevelopment
Mijn naam is Niek. En ik ben een Junior developer.

Met deze portfolio-website laat ik zien wat ik zoal kan en wat ik geleerd heb op het vlak van webdevelopment.

Scroll down to see more, have a look around and…

welcomework current WIP EN variation of animation
Je kunt een kijkje nemen naar mijn eerder websites
I make use of Adobe XD for the initial designs for my websites. First I look for reference material and search for inspiration from similar websites. Then depending on the wishes of the customer, I integrate their aesthetic preferences into 2 or 3 designs. When I’ve finished a few good designs, I present and discuss them with the costumer, and we can see which elements should be adjusted or changed in accordance to their desired preferences…
Hello. My name is Niek. I am in my mid twenties and live in the Netherlands. In recent years I have developed an interest in programming and web-design, and therefore decided to start studying to become a Junior Developer at the REA College. My current focus lies on front-end design and programming…

And if you are interested in reaching out…